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Friday, February 17, 2017

An updated review of Lullabies/ Little Journey diapers

Awhile back I wrote a review of Lullabies diapers from Aldi. It is by far my most popular post. A few months ago Aldi changed the name of their baby brand to Little Journey and added a whole slew of baby items, including food, formula, and diaper cream. Since it has changed, I thought it was time to do an updated review. You can read the old review HERE.

First things first, diapers. I still use these diapers. The name may have changed but the quality is the same. If you read my old review, you will notice that I said the diapers only came in three sizes - 3, 4, and 5. This is one of the great and happiest changes. They now carry newborn to 6! The prices are still reasonable and the packages come in two sizes, regular and bulk. Oh happy day!  I highly recommend these diapers. Durable, hold in the pee well even in heavy wetters, and are large enough for older children who still wet the bed.

On to their other products. I haven't used them all, like the formula since my baby was older when it was introduced, but I have tried several kinds of the baby and the wipes. The wipes work well and come in single packages as well as in bundles of three. I prefer Parent's Choice wipes myself but only because during my many sicky pregnancies I got to/spoiled buying scented and still do now. The food is great! Organic baby packages for far cheaper than the name brands and it actually tastes good. The puffs and other snacks are also just as good as the name brand without that pesky name brand price.

Overall, I am completely satisfied and delighted by Aldi's new Little Journey line.

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